Go to Favorites How to Ensure Your Agent or Photographer Gets the Best Exterior Listing Photos of Your Home When You Sell

Photos are generally the first thing potential buyers look at when viewing a listing. And, as such, you want to make sure to get the very best photos of your property possible, and that includes the best photos of your home’s exterior.

But how, exactly, do you get the kind of exterior photos that will draw people to your property and, ultimately, help you sell your home?

recent article from realtor.com outlined tips on how to snap the best exterior listing photos, including:

  • Schedule the photo shoot at the right time of day. When taking exterior listing photos, you (literally) want to cast your home in its best light. Observe your home for a few days to see at what time of day your home looks its best — for example, morning, early afternoon, or evening — and then schedule your photo shoot at that time of day. Shadows can also make it harder to get a perfect shot, so take note of any that are cast over your home — like shadows from trees or a neighbor’s property — and at what time they’re the least noticeable, so you can schedule your photo shoot accordingly.
  • Make sure your landscaping is up to par. When you snap exterior photos, you want your entire property to look amazing, and that includes your landscaping. A day or two before your photo shoot, consider hiring a landscaping company to clean and spruce things up. Or, if a landscaper is out of the budget, do what you can to clean up the yard yourself by mowing the lawn, sweeping the driveway, and removing any leaves or dead branches.
  • Stage outdoor areas. When a potential buyer sees your listing, you want them to be able to picture themselves living in and enjoying your home, and that includes your outdoor spaces. In order to do that, make sure to stage any outdoor areas (for example, the porch or patio) with some outdoor furniture before you snap photos.

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