If You Can Find Your Spouse Online, You Can Find Your House Online

Do you remember when online dating sites first hit the market? Everyone thought it was weird. And, if you said you met your significant other online, it was often met with scoffing.  Even though we all thought that, a recent survey showed that nearly 40 percent of couples met online—and online dating is by far the most popular way U.S. couples connect.

What about when Uber started? How weird was it to not use a taxi and get into someone's personal car and chat with them? What about all the delivery and curbside services? You can go online to your local grocery store, pick out what you need, and have it brought to your car when you are ready. Some even use delivery services! I have a friend who knows her deliverer so well, that they have a key to the house and put her ice cream in the freezer when she's not home. 

So many are now embracing this new way of doing things with house buying and selling. Many, many sellers are encouraging buyers to first review a virtual tour, matterport, and/or cinematic video of their home before scheduling an appointment. Many sellers are requiring their listing agent to be present and asking buyers to mask up. I was in a house last week, where they left a digital thermometer (the kind you aim) and asked us to check our temperatures before going in. I get it, they are in their 80s and concerned.

We are in the age when Zoom is used to talk with your parents, interviews are on Zoom, and even classes are. The consumer has adapted to, and is still buying and selling real estate using technology. 

Does this mean you can't do things the "old fashioned" way and go in person? Abolutley not! It means there are so many new opportunities available to buy and sell real estate. So, if you still think you can't possibly view a house online through Zoom or FaceTime, remember you or one of your friends met their significant other online and are really happy!

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