19 Home Decor Trends That Will Rule 2022

Fashion changes all the time, right? Well, decor is another thing that changes a lot. It can be tough to keep up with, but thankfully, what we put in our homes doesn't change nearly as much as what we wear! Still, furniture, paint, and everything involved with home décor still goes through periods where it's either "in" or "out."

Since no one can realistically redecorate their home four times a year (like fashion), decor sticks with yearly changes. Then, there are five and ten-year trends that stick around longer. Often, the changes stick with materials, while other times it's adding something small like a fresh coat of paint or a new accent to complement an already beautiful home. 

For 2022, there’s a ton of trends you'll want to add to your home ASAP, and you’re sure to see them in your friends' homes! Before we get into the list, we want to stress that you should decorate for your happiness. Think of this slideshow as a suggestion!

Real Plants

Younger generations are embracing real plants to the maximum, and we dig it. Real plants are great design elements that brighten a room, add a little oomph, and could even improve air quality! They go great in corners or blank places. Just make sure to get a plant that works best for the light-level of the area.
There’s nothing worse than a half-dead house plant, so make sure to do some good research before you buy. The upside to fake plants is that they’re easy to take care of, and with our busy lives it’s super easy to forget our plant friends. There are plenty of low maintenance houseplants out there, we recommend a snake plant, aloe vera, or dracaena!

Large Wall Art

The days of gallery walls and statement walls are over! Now it’s all about stellar artwork that spans the whole wall. Set off a whole room with a nice piece that pulls your design together. Having one large piece of art provides an anchor to your space that pulls focus. Consider keeping the rest of the room pretty neutral. 

It’s important to remember that this piece of artwork should be tasteful and not overly bold for no reason. Consider a modern piece that uses a primary color, or you could keep it as a simple black and white. This is another opportunity to play with texture if you’re lucky enough to find a piece with some dimension. 

Entryway Benches

Entryway benches are getting popular for a couple of reasons. One, they give you the opportunity to reflect who you are via decor. Second, they provide a little place for someone to sit and remove shoes before tracking dirt and grime all over the home. 

If you have kiddos, an entryway bench is the perfect place for them to put their backpacks when they come home! They’ll never forget them (hopefully) when they’re stashed right by the front door. If you’re a dog parent, they can also make the perfect storage space for leashes, toys, colors and go-bags.

Solid Granite Slabs

We’ve been going gaga for granite and stone countertops for a while now, so why not bring in more? We’ve been keeping an eye on this trend, trying to figure out if it’s hot…or not. Here’s what we’ve decided. We love this trend! From waterfall kitchen islands to sprawling marble in the bathroom, this trend is timeless and classy. 

More often than not, trends are here today and gone tomorrow. So, we usually advise on not going all-in on trendy design unless it’s pretty non-committal. Even though pulling this trend off would be quite expensive, natural elements in design do tend to stay in favor even after decades. 

Commissioned Artwork

Anyone can go to the big-box store and pick up mass-produced wall art for cheap. But what sounds good about cheap and mass-produced? Nothing! Artwork should mean something to you, especially if it’s in your home.
People are ditching their store-bought art for artwork commissioned by local artists…and we’ve got to say, we love it! It’s always good to support local artists, especially when you can hand down that special piece for generations!

Tortoise Shell Accents

Tortoise shell is a bit of a throwback, but nonetheless totally fabulous! From fashion to home decor, tortoise shell trinkets and trays can bring in a unique and rich look to your overall room aesthetic. The neutral warm tones in the pattern make it a great neutral texture to elevate your style!

This pattern matches well with creams and black, it can be used to tie together contrasting colors as sort of a neutral ground. If you’re a fan of leopard print, you can also use tortoise shell as a way to Segway into leopard! Don’t overuse this texture, a little goes a long way. Your friends and guests will think you’re a designer legend!