Come Tour St.Armonds Circle

Hi there Beth Helvey with Couture real estate. Welcome to St. Armonds Circle. Let me show you my Sarasota.

In 1893, Charles St. Armond, a Frenchman was first resident of the island. He purchased it for $21 and 71 cents. In 1917 John Ringling purchased this whole area of land. He envisioned the circle aspect of this with shops and restaurants and wanted residential properties out here. In 1925 John Ringling started work on the Causeway, which is the bridge that connects downtown Sarasota to St. Armond. He used circus elephants to haul the timbers that would build the bridge and connect everything.

Saint Armonds circle is also home to the circus ring of fame. There's over 150 large bronze plaques that circle the inner part of the park that has the names and histories of performing artists and influential executives recognized for achievements in the circus arts. With over 130 shops, restaurants and services on St. Armonds there is something for everyone, including our brand new arcade. After the great depression rebuilding at St. Armonds circle started in 1953, and it was well underway by 1955. When the first restaurants out here was the Columbia, which was established at 1905. 

I told you, Sarasota was magical. We have fairy doors. While you're walking around St. Armond's circle, enjoying that cup of coffee or ice cream cone, bring your dog. The circle is pet friendly.

The circle also features a statue walk that has work originally purchased by John Ringling. His love of fine art inspired the save our statues project, which was undertaken in 2007 and finished in 2008. The MET is an independent fashion house in day spa that has been on the circle for 20 years. Blue Dolphin cafe is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Sarasota. It's a small little place that's locally owned has been here forever. Here's a tip. If you wanna have Sunday brunch here come before church is let out because that's when it's the quietest.

St.Armonds Circle is located just off of downtown to the north of us is Longboat and right off the circle is Lido beach. One of our best beaches in the area. This is Beth Helvey with Couture real estate. I hope you enjoy my Sarasota and I will see you soon.

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