Create a Spa-Worthy Shower with These Tips

2023 will bring a major chance of showers—in your main bathroom, that is.

It appears that homeowners are now seeing showers as a place to indulge their self-care ritual as opposed to a space for a brisk, task-focused scrub-down.

Recently, Pinterest (aka the internet’s favorite virtual bulletin board) named an “elevated shower routine” as one of the top trends for the coming year. It comes as part of its Pinterest Predicts report—a roundup of emerging trends based on searches on the social media platform.

Over the past two years, users upped their searches for things like “amazing showers walk in,” “doorless shower ideas,” and “home spa bathroom,” signaling that showers are on the verge of overtaking soaking tubs as the most luxurious bathroom amenity.

“Research shows that people are looking for their bathroom space to feel like a spa-style destination, even more so after the last couple of years,” says Stephanie Krickeberg, associate marketing director for Sprig by Kohler.

So whether you’re intent on remodeling your bathroom this year or are stuck with a shower-tub combo that feels less than luxurious, read on for the best ways to elevate your own shower routine and achieve spa vibes in your bathroom at home.

1. Doorless walk-in showers<

Who needs a door? The doorless walk-in shower trend is picking up steam—and with good reason. This shower configuration makes the room feel more open. Plus, it is easier to get in and out of, is easier to clean, and eliminates the need for a shower curtain (which can harbor mold).

“More homeowners are looking to bring spalike serenity into their own spaces through the continuity of surface materials,” says Nina Magon, interior designer and founder of Nina Magon Studio. “In the bathroom, materials that can extend from the flooring to shower walls creates an ultraluxe space that is easy to clean.”

Magon recommends cladding your shower in Dekton—a surface material made of quartz, porcelain, and glass—for high durability. And she’s partial to the new Onirika collection (which she designed with Dekton) because the designs offer a luxurious spa feel while providing “the natural stone look we all long for.”

One thing to note about doorless walk-in showers: Installing them comes with a hefty price tag. Doorless showers are custom-designed for your specific bathroom space, and the project costs $5,000 on average.

2. Dimmable lighting

The right lighting can set the mood for a spa experience even in your outdated bathroom.

“Dimmable lighting is key for creating a serene atmosphere,” says Kevin Kohl, director of product management for Legrand. “It’s a low-budget investment—no renovation required—and it makes a major impact.”

For example, he says, Legrand offers smart dimmers, which are versatile and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, as well as with home automation systems.

“You’ll be amazed how much more relaxing the shower experience feels with dim lights instead of stark fluorescents,” says Kohl.

3. Mess-free aromatherapy

Bringing the spa into your home bathroom also means incorporating a bevy of well-being products to enhance your ritual.

“Aromatherapy is such an integral part of the spa experience, and on top of that, the ways people currently bring aromatherapy into their showers can be messy, inconsistent, and expensive,” says Krickeberg.

We love the idea of hanging a bundle of soothing eucalyptus or lavender from your showerhead for an inexpensive sensual experience.

Or, if you’re looking for a mess-free solution to aromatherapy, check out Sprig’s shower infusion system, which replaces your current showerhead and fills your shower’s water stream with 100% natural botanicals and premium ingredients like hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA. The showerheads are available in two finishes: matte black and white with chrome.

4. Rain showerhead

Whether you’re taking on a full bathroom remodel or a quick shower refresh, consider installing a rain showerhead. Rinsing off under a stream of water cascading from the ceiling is peak luxury. Plus, it looks really beautiful.

We love this oblong rain showerhead from Kohler, which comes in a variety of metal finishes like trendy matte black and timeless brushed brass.

This wall-mounted rain showerhead from Grohe is 10 inches in diameter and has three spray patterns for total relaxation.

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