Creating a Hygge Home: 5 Instagram Secrets That Will Transform Your Utilitarian Kitchen

With the days rapidly warming and your summer calendar filling up, it’s easy to feel a tad overwhelmed by the busy season ahead. So how can we go about making sure our homes feel as calm as possible when we need a retreat?

With a bit of hygge, of course.

The popular Danish-based lifestyle and design concept is all about embracing comfort and simplicity, so this week’s Instagram trends are focussed on bringing some grounding vibes into one of the places where you spend the most time: your kitchen.

So if you’re ready to embody more calm this summer season, keep reading. We’ve got five fresh decor looks for your kitchen that dish out so much hygge there’s sure to be leftovers.

1. Wicker-back bar stools

One way to make sure your kitchen feels like a balanced hygge home is by adding natural textures in a big way—like with a set of these wicker-back bar stools from @palmandprep.

“Wicker evokes a feeling of summer all year long,” says designer Susan Serra. “We’re all appreciating the beauty of natural textures as we continue to spend more time at home. It’s an earthy vibe that adds soul to the kitchen.”

Get the look: Get a dash of soul in your kitchen with these Kyle counter stools.

2. Antique buffet table

Creating cozy spaces is one of the core values of hygge design, and nothing makes a kitchen more relaxed than a few wooden antique accents like this buffet table from @sixat21.

“I love the newly inspired look of combining vintage pieces with an updated kitchen,” says designer Megan Nelson, of Nest with the Nelsons. “These antique buffet tables are beautiful, feel completely customized, and scream sophisticated, old-world elegance. And if you’re into the whole DIY scene, this option can be quite the cost-saving way to introduce a completely unique, heirloomlike piece of furniture.”

Get the look: Shop this collection of antique buffet tables.

3. Salmon-pink kitchen

Sometimes all you need to up the sanctuary factor of your kitchen is a bit of a color swap. And these salmon-pink walls from @edwardbulmerpaint provide the perfect inspiration.

“There’s a reason why salmon tones rise in popularity every so often,” says Serra. “The terra-cotta tones, previously seen primarily on kitchen floors in the ’70s and ’80s, have now evolved to provide a fresh perspective in the kitchen. The look is cozy and calming with a subtle nod to styles from the past.”

Get the look: Grab a quart of this Aloha Eggshell to warm up your kitchen.

4. Hanging planters

If you genuinely want to bring a sense of hygge-inspired calm into your kitchen, you’ll want a few hanging planters—as we see on blast in this photo from @thewateringvine.

“We want our kitchens to be wellness- and nature-focused today,” says Serra. “Fresh foods, live plants, and the wellness movement are all interconnected, and we want our kitchens to be less utilitarian with a larger emphasis on health and nature instead.”

Get the look: Visit your local nursery or shop the collection at to find the perfect natural balance for your kitchen.

5. Drop-leaf side table

Embracing hygge means creating comfy nooks while also having enough space for all of your kitchen projects. So if recipe books and ambitious culinary gadgets crowd your other surfaces, you might want to consider buying a drop-leaf side table like this one from @miracleonthirtyfourth.

“A drop-leaf side table in the kitchen is just what smaller spaces crave these days,” says Nelson. “This side table is the perfect customizable piece to adjust to your every need if you’re working from home and need extra wiggle room to sprawl your work out on the table. And when you’re done, simply tuck the table away.”

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