Just Sold

I first met Bill & Lori around 2017 when they contacted me about finding their retirement home in Florida. They were several years out but wanted to start the process to learn about the area. For several years, we explored areas, learned about different neighborhoods, and educated them on what they needed to know to move to the area, 
We recently closed on their new retirement home! They are at a point in their lives, where they will now have the time to spend here. They are looking forward to warm weather, golfing, exploring the area, and enjoying their retirement. 
Realtors will tell you that if a buyer isn't going to purchase in 2, 3, 4 months or so they aren't viable or serious  buyers. Buying in Florida is different. People who buy here buy because they want to, not because they need to. Our buyers typically aren't transferred for a job, they are making a life change, and because of that approach the buying process differently. They don't have to buy and usually aren't hampered by a timeline. They will buy when they are ready, when the right house comes along, and when all the other factors in their life line up. 
Don't let someone tell you that because you are a few years out you aren't a serious buyer. I know you are and this process is different than  when you bought your family home. 


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