Organizing Your Home? Avoid These Tactics

Organizing your home can make your space feel less cluttered, more aesthetically pleasing, and make it easier for you to manage your possessions and find things when you need them.

But not all organizing tactics are created equal, and if you’re about to embark on a home organization journey, there are some tactics you might want to skip altogether.

So what, exactly, are those tactics?

recent article from outlined organizational tactics that are, at best, a waste of time—and, at worse, could actually make your home feel less organized—including:

  • Labeling everything. Labels can be helpful for keeping track of your items, but there’s no need to go overboard. If you know exactly what is in a container or drawer (for example, a bin of toiletries under your sink or your sock drawer), don’t feel the need to label it.
  • Organizing books by color. Organizing a large book collection by color may be aesthetically pleasing—but it’s not exactly practical. Organizing books by color can make it extremely difficult to find the book you want, when you want it. Instead, consider using a more practical method to organize your library—for example, sorting your books by genre or in alphabetical order.
  • Putting spices into matching jars. Having all of your spices in matching jars on a shelf or in a drawer might make things look more organized. But the truth is, decanting spices and putting them into matching jars is pretty time-consuming. And once you’re done, you’re still left with a bunch of half-empty, mismatched spice containers—containers that you then have to organize and store. This project creates more work than it’s worth—so consider skipping it and just leaving your spices in their original containers.

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