Redecorating Your Living Room? Take Inspiration From Some of the Hottest Trends on Instagram

Confession: We were utterly seduced by the abundance of gorgeous sofas, armchairs, and love seats on display on Instagram this week. Could it be because our living room seating has seen way too much use these past two WFH years? Yep, pretty much.

So maybe it’s time all of our living rooms change out of their collective sweatpants (so long, shabby sofa!) and put on some ritz.

And by switching out an old couch, you might just find yourself enjoying an entirely new vibe in your living room. Because sometimes, updating a room is less about totally restyling it and more about simply swapping out a few focal points.

If you’re ready to say, “Thank you, next” to your dowdy, old living room sofa, check out this week’s design trends on Instagram and consider investing in some new seating swagger. Here are five fresh ideas for your new favorite chill spot.

1. Fringe love seat

Are you looking for an attention-grabbing seating solution that won’t break the bank? Then you might just fall as hard as we did for this DIY fringe love seat from @aspiredesignandhome.

“Bullion and brush fringe is making a comeback this year,” says designer and architect Beril Yilmaz, of Garden Furniture Sales. “It adds a level of sophistication and turns a regular sofa into a statement piece. It might seem old-fashioned since it is a trend from the ’80s, but it can easily complement a modern room with the right pairing.”

Get the look: Find the perfect fringe for your sofa, then follow this DIY guide.

2. Mauve sofa

A little less center-stage but no less eye-catching is this mauve sofa from @thestudiopastels—which might just be the perfect pop of color for your otherwise neutral living room.

“Colors such as mauve, mustard, and currant are on an upward trajectory this year,” says Yilmaz. “They’re perfect for creating inviting communal spaces, and mauve, in particular, adds a calming touch to the room. Saturated earth tones like these are ideal for creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere in your living room.”

Get the look: Enhance the welcoming vibes in your home with this gorgeous Bombardiere velvet sofa.

3. Jewel-tone mashup

Not feeling the simple earth tones? Go bigger and bolder with this mashup of velvety jewel-toned seating from

“With the return of maximalist style, using bold, vibrant colors has become extremely popular in 2022,” says Yilmaz. “Mashing up jewel tones adds drama to a room and makes a bold statement. To create a bright and cheery space, select complementary colors that won’t clash.”

Get the look: Magenta sofa? Check. Emerald-green ottoman? Yup.

4. Animal-print lounge chair

Going right on up the funk scale, we bring you this perfectly placed animal-print chair from @wildoneinteriors.

“This animal-print lounge chair brings a touch of the exotic into any room,” says Chloe Hughes, editor of the design website Foter. “Animal print is associated with luxury, and a chair in this pattern can add an air of elegance to the space plus a sense of personality and character.”

Get the look: Show your wild side with this Arlett wingback chair.

5. Layered floor poufs

For a more casual seating upgrade (or addition), consider decking out your living room with a few layered floor poufs like these from @homeinheidelberg.

“Layered floor poufs are comfortable, stylish, and versatile,” says Hughes. “They can be used as seating, a footstool, or even a table while providing a comfortable place to sit or recline while adding visual interest to a room. In addition, the layered construction means they’re sturdy and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. There’s a floor pouf for every taste.”

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