The Power of the Preapproval

You've heard every Realtor  and lender preach about a pre-approval. The market is moving so fast that not having one can mean the difference between winning and losing an offer on a home. 

Some Highlights 

  • Mortgage pre-approval means a lender has reviewed your finances and, based on factors like your income, debt, and credit history, determined how much you’re qualified to borrow.
  • Being pre-approved for a loan can give you clarity while planning your homebuying budget, confidence in your ability to secure a loan, and a competitive edge in a bidding war.
  • In today’s market, connecting with a lender to get pre-approved may be the game-changer that helps you secure your dream home.

Reach out any time should you have questions on pre-approvals and what they can do for you. 

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