Want to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget? Here Are Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

If you’re a person who spends a lot of time in their kitchen, chances are, at some point you may want to make some changes or upgrades to the space.

But kitchen renovations can be expensive. So, the question is, how can you upgrade your space without spending tens of thousands of dollars to do so?

recent article from realtor.com outlined kitchen upgrades that can transform the look and feel of your space without breaking the bank, including:

  • Swap out your hardware. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be an expensive, time-consuming project. But if you want to refresh the look of your cabinets, you can do it quickly and affordably by swapping out the hardware. Switching out your existing hardware for knobs and pulls that better fit your personal style is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen—and you can pull off the project with a budget of about $100.
  • Personalize with paint. If you’re looking to completely change the look of your space, you won’t find a better budget-friendly project than painting cabinets and/or walls—and you can complete the project in a few days and with a budget of about $300. For a luxurious look, consider painting the walls in a rich, dark hue. Or, to open up the space, consider painting your cabinets in an airy neutral tone.
  • Add a kitchen island. If you have a large space to work with—and you want your kitchen upgrade to not only change the look and feel of your kitchen, but the functionality and the way you utilize the space—consider adding a kitchen island. Not only are islands both attractive and functional, they’re more affordable than you’d imagine. (You can find budget-friendly options between $125 and $1,000.)

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