We’ve come full circle on this one!

We’ve come full circle on this one!

 I sold the Chatum Lighthouse to a wonderful young couple about 2 years ago. Fast forward to now, there’s the cutest baby you’ve ever seen and mom and dad are moving in! We had to get them out and into something to accommodate this huge family. We sold the house in record time even though we went live after the shutdown. I met all buyers and made sure all health precautions were being taken as well as making myself available to answer any questions they could have.

 Let me tell you, I opened every single door, most cabinets, outside doors, and curtains so the buyers could easily view touch-free. All the buyers that came through appreciated the extra effort since they were out seeing multiple properties.

 We got mom and dad under contract up north and they made their way to Bradenton. We found the perfect house for all of them while mom and dad saw it virtually with us. They hadn’t even stepped foot into the new home until about 2 weeks prior to closing! Thankfully, the sellers were gracious enough to let us in so the parents could see it. Even more thankful they loved it as much in person as they did virtually! Whew!

 Now the cute couple, adorable baby, 3 dogs, and ecstatic grandparents are all together in a home with space for all of them!

 The full circle part? The sellers of the house we bought moved to the area the parents came from. It’s like it was meant to be.

 Who you hire matters.

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