What is a Walkthrough

Hey, this is Beth, with Couture Real Estate! I hope you're doing good today. So I've got a closing tomorrow and I am doing a walkthrough and my buyer had a lot of questions about it, so I thought I would tell you about it. Technically speaking, a walkthrough is gonna happen the day before or the day of closing. And technically speaking, the buyer or a buyer representative should be there. I am not the buyer representative. I am the buyer's agent. Now, when I have an out of state buyer who can't be there either on video or through a representative, I still go and walk through the property cuz you never know, you know, especially if the property's been sitting vacant, things happen. I'm just there to make sure that the property is intact and that, um, if there's any stuff left behind, then it's still there.

So what you're checking for is if you're buying your property that's fully furnished, you wanna make sure the furniture's there or even partially furnished. Um, if the buyer is the seller supposed to do any repairs, you wanna make sure the repairs have been done. However, if there are repairs that are more of a technical nature, you really should hire your inspector, bring your inspector back, especially if they have to get on the roof and things like that. Um, you wanna make sure that there's no damage to the property. I have walked into properties before where the seller has done damage purposefully and accidentally on the way out the door and has not said anything about it and was just kind of hoping nothing would happen. You wanna make sure that everything that should be removed is removed. For example, I did a closing at the end of the year last year where there was a refrigerator that was left on the portico that was, um, always there.

Um, but during Hurricane Ian, it had lost power. It was full of food. The food had rotted and the seller did nothing about it. So we had to call the listing agent and say, this has got to go. We're not touching it, we're not moving the fridge. This thing has crawling with bugs. It's disgusting. So sometimes things like that happen. Now, before I frighten you, 98, 90 9% of the time, your walkthrough is easy. It's fine, it's a happy process because you're getting to see your house empty or furnish, whatever, but it's almost your house. And then later on that day, you're gonna get the keys, but you still wanna do that walkthrough. Now if you can't be there yourself, please, please try to FaceTime your agent or have a representative there for you. That's not your agent. Your agent should still do the walkthrough. Again, they're just looking for topical stuff, but technically speaking, it is not a walkthrough unless you or your agent are there. So if you have any questions on walkthroughs, please leave 'em. I'll walk throughs. Please leave him the comments and let me know and I'm happy to answer all your questions. If you have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, please do so. Drink a lot of water, wear your sun screen and we'll talk to you later.

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